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The Quick Tour of 7 December 2003


The cabin is where the most visible issues live. Here you can see that the original panel was physically cut out of the airplane, as well as an accumulation of years of 'improvements' creating a rats nest of wire and tubing. The switch panel seems at this point to be essentially original, but in a poor state of both finish and function. The actual airframe structure once again appears solid, yet the canopy windows, auxilliary fuel tank cover, and battery box obviously need some attention.

The right wing is typical of both. The first thing you will notice is that the painted surfaces of the gear well are 'well weathered', and that all surfaces with a high iron content have substantial surface corrosion. It is difficult to see the light surface corrosion on the underside aluminium panels, but you can take our word for it that it is there. The tube featured at the tail end of this clip is the feed tube from the baggage compartment auxiliary tank into the fuel system.

There is really nothing special about this vanilla installation other than that it is basically unmodified since the 185-9 upgrade in the mid-sixties. You can see again that the untreated surfaces have not weathered well, and the prop bladder is in need of replacement.