NAvion N8578H 'Hall of Shame'
This is the place where we will showcase all of the justifications as to why we elected not to ferry 78H back from Louisiana. Some of these will be outright dangerous, I'm sure, but most will just be good examples of really bad choices.

Enjoy the ride, and be glad that no aviators were harmed in the making of this page....
Bill took out the old panel this week (14 October 2003), and we thought all of you would like to see the fine craftsmanship that went into this panel that had no 337 for either the panel or any of the instruments in it..... Take a look at the fine routing techniques used... The few things that actually were secured were held in place either by electrical tape, or #8awg solid wire loops twisted around things like the defroster duct. (Wouldn't the guys at North American have been proud??)
Now let's take a look at some of the 'finer' panel details...
Ever had a direct reading guage that didn't have quite the right fitting on it? Or maybe the existing rigid line won't quite reach? Just go over to the parts bins and keep grabbing fittings until it works (or reaches... whatever)...
Or maybe that slick 3 in 1 instrument you bought doesn't quite clear the aircraft structure in the hole you cut for it? Just take a trip over to the grinding wheel and Yonk off a mounting ear. After all, it's just plastic, right? If the glass cracks, no biggie, as you weren't using that part of the instrument anyway!
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